Aim of the project

In the framework of this project we aim in the identification, the quality and authenticity control of local wines. For the identification of these products, accurate and well-established analytical techniques are used, but time, specialized personnel, chemical reagents and expensive equipment are required. As a result, alternative and innovative methods for fast and low-cost analysis are under investigation. The application of optical spectroscopic techniques is such an innovative approach to rapid and non-invasive record of the “fingerprint” of these products. 

The program launches an industry and research partnership in the field of Agrofoods, which will increase the added value of the wine sector in Greece and will improve its position as a winemaking country in Europe and internationally.

Project Partners

Improvement of quality of wine

Development of new, user-friendly & user-adapted tools so that wine producers will be able to use them to monitor and improve the quality of wines.

Alternative natural antioxidants

Application and evaluation of alternative natural antioxidants in wine instead of the known sulphites used so far thus offering an additional quality characteristic for win producers.

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